German GAAP

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Financial precision at your fingertips

Accounting forms the foundation of business management. The business transactions documented within the scope of accounting represent the numerical reflection of a company and serve as a source of information for every entrepreneurial analysis and decision-making process.

Our Bookkeeping & Accounting course is best for you if you want to get a first overview of German GAAP and can imagine to work from Morocco for German companies. It is either recommended if you want wo prepare for work in Germany.


  • 05.08.2023 – 01.10.2023
  • Sat, Sun: 8:30 – 13:00
  • Fees: 9.000 MAD

What you will learn in Bookkeeping & Accounting

In our course, we will cover the booking techniques for various business transactions according to German GAAP:

  1. Purposes, Legal Foundations, and Accounting Obligations
  2. Inventory, Assets, and Balance Sheet
  3. Basics of Booking Techniques
  4. Bookings with Value Added Tax (VAT)
  5. Commercial and Industrial Accounting
  6. Privat Withdrawals and Private Deposits
  7. Fixed Asset Accounting
  8. Payroll Accounting
  9. Financial Accounting
  10. Accruals and Deferrals of Expenses and Revenues

Next step: Financial Statements

The preparation of annual financial statements involves the creation of the annual financial statements of a company. This includes …