German GAAP

Tax Accounting

Navigating the complexities of taxation with ease

Tax accounting refers to the process of preparing and reporting financial information for tax purposes. It involves calculating taxable income, applying relevant tax laws and regulations, and determining the amount of tax liability owed to the tax authorities. Tax accounting focuses specifically on the financial transactions and events that have tax implications, ensuring compliance with tax laws while optimizing tax benefits and minimizing tax liabilities. It involves the preparation of tax returns, maintenance of tax records, and adherence to specific tax accounting principles and guidelines.


  • 20.01.2024 – 21.04.2024
  • Sat, Sun: 8:30 – 13:00
  • Fees: 13.000 MAD

What you will learn in Tax Accounting

In our course, we will cover the the following topics:

  1. Tax reconciliation
  2. Private withdrawals and private deposits
  3. Low-value assets and pool assets
  4. Loan discount
  5. Taxation of shares in capital companies
  6. Leasing
  7. Intra-community acquisition, intra-community supply, import, export, reverse charge mechanism
  8. Gifts
  9. Entertainment expenses
  10. Business travel expenses
  11. Tax provisions

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